Trucker/Biker Rally Annual Run

About the 2011 Trucker/Biker Rally  

Left: Jim McCormick (Trucker Biker Rally Founder). Right: Glynn Spangenberg
Dear Riders,
This brings back fond and special memories. It was in the spring of 1998 that my wife, Marilyn, and I came up with the idea of starting a Trucker Biker Rally. We contacted as many trucker bikers we knew and held our 1st rally at Durango, Colorado.  As I recall, we had about 15 Bikes and about 25 people for the 1st one. We attended all the future rallies until we sold our Bikes about 5 years ago. We are so happy that all you young "Bucks" are carrying on the tradition.  Have a great ride and keep 'em upright!!

Please extend our best wishes for an enjoyable and successful ride to all our "old" friends. We will be thinking of you as you enjoy all those northern CA beauties.

Most Sincerely,
Jim and Marilyn McCormick

The Trucker Biker Rally is an annual motorcycle run along scenic American roadways. It takes place over several days in mid-September and is organized by a loose group of fun-lovin' folks active in the trucking industry and related businesses.

We combine our love of the open road and good times with good friends to make each gathering more memorable then the last--although some of us seem to manage only hazy memories of a particular night here and there.   

In 2011, our route starts in Sacramento, California and will take us through the Feather River Canyon to Mount Shasta, then down the Pacific Coast to Menodcino and finish up in the heart of wine country - Sonoma.

We'll begin on Wednesday, September 7th and finish up on Sunday, the 11th. 

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